Sunday, 13 February 2011

Introducing Sirinadesigns

My last post was about me so I thought I would now introduce my company Sirinadesigns.
Sirinadesigns was started in January 2010. I have been talking about starting a business for about 5 years but never felt confident in my own sewing abilities.
I was taught to sew by my Nan when I was about 7 years old and have been sewing ever since. I then went on to do a GNVQ in art & design at college followed by two NVQ's in pattern cutting but still didn't feel my work was good enough to sell.
I made my best friends wedding dress in 2005 and had lots of lovely compliments about it on the day and I was happy with the results but then life got in the way and the business plans were put on hold.
Just after christmas 2009 my Nan fell ill and was taken into hospital at the end of January 2009. Sadly on Febuary 9th 2009 she passed away (the doctors informed us afterwards that she was riddled with cancer) and I couldn't face going into my sewing room as that was the space I shared with Nan.
Eventually towards the end of 2009 I had some sewing that just couldn't wait any longer which forced me back into sewing, which was actually a good thing. I have been sewing regularly ever since and feel close to my Nan when I am in the room.
In January 2010 I decided that I had been talking the talk for long enough and it was time to walk the walk so I launched Sirinadesigns. It is named after my Nan and my Mum (Iris and Tina)
I have got a lot more confidence in my own sewing abilities now and know that I have got what it takes to make beautiful clothes. I hope now that people also like my items and start to buy.
I am primarily a dressmaker but also do alterations and handmade cards.
Sorry for the long post but that is Sirinadesigns introduced.

Kelly (AKA Sirinadesigns)

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