Saturday, 16 June 2012

Making something for myself.

I have finally caught up with all my waiting family alterations - thanks to the extended bank holiday.
I did also spend one of the days baking cakes and Viennese fingers which went down well with the family.

Once I had finished all the alterations I cut out the muslin to make a mock up of the dress I am making for myself.
I didn't actually get chance to sew it together until yesterday due to the extended bank holiday meaning we were extra busy at my day job as we were closed 2 extra days.

The dress I am making is this simplicity pattern and I plan to make it in this fabric.

Sewing the muslin together was quick and easy - except when I had the pieces wrong sides together so had to unpick and re-sew. After that everything went together really quickly.
I was pleasantly surprised when I put the dress on to find that the fit was nearly perfect. I say nearly as I have such a small waist measurement compared to hips that everything needs some type of alteration. (my waist measures 32inches, my hips 45inches)

I have got to take each side seam in by about 2 inches from just under the waist to the underarm.

I will add pictures of the mock up when I have them on the PC  and also post updates as the dress progresses.

I have also finished my 1st ever quilt so will be adding a new post about that in the next week.              

Monday, 23 April 2012

How to make your own jewellery roll.

I spent ages searching the web for a suitable pattern for a jewellery roll but couldn't find anything for my needs so I decided to make my own and share it with everyone.

Back decorated section

Inner section with pockets

Jewellery roll when wrapped and tied closed.

PDF download of jewellery roll instructions.
Whilst I am happy for people to use these instructions to make jewellery rolls please do not copy or sell the instructions. Please point people here to my blog.

These instructions are for making for personal use only


Friday, 30 March 2012

Old items

I have been having a bit of a sort out of things lately including photos and came across some of the items I made a few years ago so thought I would share them with you.

I made this Cross stitch picture for my dad as an Xmas present

This cross stitch was made as a wedding present for a work colleague

I can't remember what this was sewn for and can't find a picture of the front.

Veil I made for my now sister-in-law front view

Veil made for now sister -in-law back view

 The cover above was made to replace the old one. When you buy these mobile wardrobe (we use ours in the caravan awning) they come with a plastic cover which only just fits the frame. After about two uses it normally splits so I used it as a pattern before it broke to make a new cover out of calico. I then took the old zip out of the plastic cover to reuse but had to replace one section which is why there is two different coloured zips. I also made the cover slightly bigger so that it isn't so much of a struggle to get it over the frame. I also made a bag for the poles and cover to fit into when the wardrobe is dismantled.
Lastly this is a cushion cover that I made as part of my Art & Design GNVQ college course.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Latest alterations

Just thought I would post about my recent alterations.

I have decided that I would clear all the outstanding alteration jobs that I had to do for my family before I started on a new project for myself. I had a skirt for my mum which needed the zip replacing and a hooded top for my brother which his dog had chewed the zip on. I also have a quilt for my bed which just needs some finishing quilting designs and the bias binding attached, a quilt for the cot for my nephews which needs piecing and quilting.

Heres some pictures of my brothers top.
The damaged zip in the top.

The damaged zip once removed from the top.

The new zip inserted into the top.
This wasn't as bad to do as I expected it to be, the worst part was unstitching 3 rows of stitching to get the original zip out. The only problem that I had was being unable to get a new zip the same length as the original so I had to put a shorter zip in and just stitch the facing and front together above the zip.

Heres a couple of pictures of my mums skirt:
The broken zip in the skirt

The new zip in the skirt.

The only difference with the new zip is that it is a slightly darker shade than the original but apart from that everything looks as it did before.

I have now decided on how to piece the cot quilt together so that will be done next weeked and I will be working on my quilt as and when I get chance as I am in no great hurry to finish it.

I am now going to allow myself to start on a new project which is a coat for myself using simplicity pattern number 2581. It is the 1st time I have made a coat so am looking forward to learning new techniques.


Monday, 6 February 2012

weight update

Just a short post today.
I thought I would update you all with how I am getting on with my weight loss.
I decided that I need to do more exercise than just walking at work so I went to a Zumba class. My hours at work mean I finish between 7-8pm so it was hard to find a class to suit but managed to find a local one that ran 8-9pm. I thought great but I went once and haven't been back since. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy it (even though I ached like made for a week after) but I just found it unsuitable for a beginner. Instead I purchased a Zumba DVD and have found it really great and now can't wait to exercise and have gone from 1 time a week to 4 times a week.
The best bit is the weight and inches I am losing. I have only been doing the DVD for about 2 weeks now but have so far lost 2lbs, 3inches from my waist, 2inches from my stomach (the fat bit round my middle I really want to get rid of)  and 2 inches from my thighs so I am happy. As I know it is working it makes me want to keep going. If anyone is looking for a fun way to lose weight I say start Zumba.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Expanding family - shrinking waistline

I have recently found out that I am going to become an aunty again. I currently have 4 nephews and 1 niece all under the age of 3 years old. I also have a sort of nephew - my best friends little boy who is 13months old. We have known each other since we were 4 years old so are more like sisters hence why he is like a nephew to me and I am also his Godmother. Hopefully the new baby will be a 2nd niece for me to sew for as that is one of my aims this year - to sew more for the babies. My family is growing so fast it is hard to keep up.
On the other hand hopefully my waist is going to shrink just as fast - or at least before the summer. I had a hernia operation just over 2 years ago and put on about 2 stone due to not being able to exercise and being stuck at home all day with only my sewing to keep me going. It didn't really bother me at first but now that I still haven't been able to shift the weight I am starting to get a bit down about it. I lost about 1/2 a stone but have recently put that back on. I am now serious about losing the weight and have about 2- 2 1/2 stone to lose. I have started Zumba and am aiming to lose a couple of pounds a week. I will blog about my progress.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone.

Here's hoping that 2012 brings everything you are hoping for.

I am starting the year as I mean to go on - sewing and updating my blog. I do apologise if some of this doesn't make sense as I am currently suffering with a head cold.

For Christmas I always try to make items for my family especially my mum. This year I made my brothers a quilted kindle cover and my mum an apron.

I wanted to make the apron special and something that was personal to my mum so decided to put photo's of her grandchildren on the front. She loved it but it did make her cry on Christmas morning.
This then bought up the problem of how to do it as even though I love my mum dearly the price charged for fabric that you can print on to me is ridiculous. 
After researching ways to print my own fabric from google I came across freezer paper. So off went the order to Cotton Patch - who I must say were prompt with their delivery.
I then had fun trying it out - once ironed onto my chosen fabric I printed the pictures out. The only problem with this method is that the image is not water proof - not much good for an apron.
My solution to this was to add a layer of clear plastic over the top.

Here is a picture of the front of the apron:

 Here is a close up of the detail in the middle of the apron:
                     The middle section was a patchwork effect of photo's and broderie anglaise. 

Here is a view of the back:
I added a backing of the same cotton fabric on the whole of the back, this was part to hide the stitching of the patchwork panel but also to strengthen the apron. I then added the plastic across the whole of the front and stitched it round the edge on the back side. This side is not as neat and tidy as I would like but I have found sewing plastic to be a nightmare (think I will have to invest in some new feet - a Teflon foot and a walking foot are high on the list) but it is ok for the tools I had.

Here is a close up view of the stitching:

To make the neck and waist straps I used my mums old apron for measurements (also used this for the template for actual apron) and then sewed them in between the front and back layers.

I made this as a surprise for my mum so had to keep hiding it whenever she came near but I made it within about 4 hours. The longest part was printing the images onto the fabric and letting the ink dry enough to use them. Don't try to rush this part as otherwise your images will smudge and be useless.

The only problem I will have now is that another grandchild is on its way ( due in July), another neice for me hopefully.

Here's to more successful projects in 2012