Sunday, 24 April 2011

Business not personal

One of the biggest lessons that I am learning whilst setting up my business is that some people ask things but then never get back to you. This is down to business and not meant personally towards you.
I have had a few email queries asking about my clothing alterations and how much I charge for certain jobs, once I have given them a rough price (I always tell the customer it is a rough price as until I have seen the item I cannot say the exact price or even if it is possible for the alteration to be done)
I do offer a free consultation for all customers to assess the work required and give a definite price but after the email some customers don't even want to take me up on this offer.
I know that I am not charging too much as other people charge more than me but I think I charge a fair price for my skills.
I have also had people ask if I could do an alteration but then tell me what needs doing or how long they think it will take me - I just think that if they know this information why do they not do the alteration themselves?
However I think that all this is down to business decisions and money decisions not personal feelings towards myself. If I took all these no replies personally then I would have given up by now.
I am however getting quite a few jobs through google and my website so people obviously think my prices are OK.
I am getting bigger jobs as well so am going to have to look at getting some sort of warehouse/workshop to work from as my current workshop is not big enough (if you know of anywhere in the Bristol area please let me know)

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