Monday, 27 February 2012

Latest alterations

Just thought I would post about my recent alterations.

I have decided that I would clear all the outstanding alteration jobs that I had to do for my family before I started on a new project for myself. I had a skirt for my mum which needed the zip replacing and a hooded top for my brother which his dog had chewed the zip on. I also have a quilt for my bed which just needs some finishing quilting designs and the bias binding attached, a quilt for the cot for my nephews which needs piecing and quilting.

Heres some pictures of my brothers top.
The damaged zip in the top.

The damaged zip once removed from the top.

The new zip inserted into the top.
This wasn't as bad to do as I expected it to be, the worst part was unstitching 3 rows of stitching to get the original zip out. The only problem that I had was being unable to get a new zip the same length as the original so I had to put a shorter zip in and just stitch the facing and front together above the zip.

Heres a couple of pictures of my mums skirt:
The broken zip in the skirt

The new zip in the skirt.

The only difference with the new zip is that it is a slightly darker shade than the original but apart from that everything looks as it did before.

I have now decided on how to piece the cot quilt together so that will be done next weeked and I will be working on my quilt as and when I get chance as I am in no great hurry to finish it.

I am now going to allow myself to start on a new project which is a coat for myself using simplicity pattern number 2581. It is the 1st time I have made a coat so am looking forward to learning new techniques.


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