Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Does a business really need a logo?

I have now been running Sirinadesigns for 3 years. When I first started the business I tried to research as much as possible about finances, taxes, etc. Since I have been running the business I have been researching marketing and selling. One of the things that I have seen a few times is about logos. Most of the things I have read say that if a company has a logo, which can lead to branding, then customers are more likely to purchase or use their services. This is down to confidence of a company with a logo being more trustworthy than one without. Up until this year I haven't really looked any further into having a logo as I thought that with the type of service I provide a logo wasn't going to make much difference. However this year I have been determined to make the business as well known as I can to try to really get it off the ground. This meant looking at my website design and this in turn led me to a logo. I tried to design one myself but wasn't very successful. I ended up with just the name on a beige background

This was fine in the short term but if it needed resizing or anything, for different websites, then it became distorted plus it didn't look like the logo of a professional business. I then researched logo designs and found most businesses in my sector had logos that could also be added to garments. I then researched different places to get a logo designed professionally. Eventually I found one through facebook, I had actually been following the page quite a while just never thought about using them. I got in contact with Helen Scott - graphic designer last week about having a logo made. After being in contact over the last week via email over designs I have received an email today to say that my final design is ready. I just have to wait for the final invoice and then the files will be mine.
I will then update this blog with my new logo for you all to see.

Here's my new logo

What do you think?
Do businesses need a logo?
Have you done better once you had a logo?


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