Saturday, 9 November 2013

Elastic buttonholes

I was asked to add some elastic to the waist of a pair of exercise trousers. I have never met the person who the trousers belong to (I was asked through a work colleague) so was unsure as to how small the waist needed to go.
The solution I used was to add buttonholes to the elastic. I made sure the elastic was slightly smaller than the original waist for the 1st buttonhole, then spaced the rest of the buttonholes out by about 1/2 inch gaps. Due to the type of elastic I was using I was able to just make slits in the elastic to create the buttonholes. I then added a button to the opposite side of the trousers. The owner of the trousers can now adjust the trousers to how small they need them and then just need to spread out the gathers around the waist.

Trousers pulled tight

Trousers on 1st buttonhole

Button on opposite side

Buttonholes in elastic

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