Monday, 9 January 2017

Machines - sewing,embroidery and overlocker

I have always had a fascination with sewing machines ever since I started watching my nan and then sewing on my own toy one when I was about 6-7 years old.

I also like to research machines - especially when thinking about buying new ones.
I like to see what other sewists think of them, how they work, etc as well as trying them out at various suppliers. Big shows (like at the NEC) are good for this as there are normally a few different vendors with different machines all in one place.

I thought as there may be other people out there who can't get to shows and need to purchase online and who would like to see other sewers views I would do a series of blog posts on the various machines I have.

At the last count I had 10 ( I think haha) machines so I have a few to go through.
I have a couple of older singer machines that I haven't tried to sew on yet so they will come last in the series so that I can try them out.
I also have one I inherited from my Nan when she passed away so don't tend to use this one.

The machines I have are;

A Toyota mechanical machine - this was my first machine which I have had about 20 years.
Brother 500D embroidery and sewing combination machine - this was my first embroidery machine which I have had about 10 years.
Brother 950 embroidery and sewing combination machine - this was meant to replace the 500D (oops, I have both still) - I have had this one about 7 years
Brother Innovis V5 - this is my newest machine which I purchased in the summer (2016)  - this was to upgrade from the previous two machines due to the embroidery hoop size. I have however decided to keep them all as they will come in useful as my business gets busier and I need more machines.
A Toyota overlocker - I think I have had this one about 12 years.
Brother 104D overlocker - I got this one at the end of last summer (2016) as my other one was so old I decided it was time for an upgrade - one with easier threading!!!

Hope this is something people will find useful and you join me on my machine journey.
Please leave any thoughts or feelings on your own machines in the comments.
If there is any sewers out there who would like to write a guest post for the series then please contact me.

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