Friday, 16 September 2011


I was asked by a work colleague if I could make his partner a cape. She wanted it in the style of a Jedi Cape from star wars. They supplied me this pattern

She wanted to be able to wear it all year round when she went out for dinner, to a party etc. Even though it would only be for special occasions it would still need to be warm enough to wear in winter but cool enough for summer. To accomplish this rather than lining the cape as the pattern says I made 2 separate capes. One was made from black polycotton. The other was made from black fleece.
This is the outer layer made from polycotton.
With hood up

With hood down
This is the inner layer made from black fleece. This section has no hood.
Inner section of cape

I then added poppers around the neckline seam on both sections of the cape so that they could be joined together, this way just the outer can be worn in summer but both in winter.
Poppers to hold both layers together.

This is the final cape - I didn't have my mannequin handy to take photos so had to hang it over the edge of the kitchen door.
Both layers together.
 Close up of the hood.

This was an easy pattern to make and I enjoyed doing something different to what I had done before. I learnt some new techniques working on different fabrics. I am thinking of making one in satin but just lining it not adding a detachable layer.


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