Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend work

Just thought I would post a few pictures and details of what I have been up to over the weekend.
I have been off work with a bad ankle and have been doing quite a bit of sewing but this has made me think about all the ufo's (unfinished objects) I have so I decided to write a list and work my way through them.
Here is the list:
Christmas coasters,
Kindle cover (quilted),
Cot quilt,
Advent calender.

So far I have quilted the kindle cover - need to go and buy a gadget to make bias binding in the correct size.
Quilt is all pieced together and 2/3rds quilted,
the advent calender is cut out, some numbers have been sewn to the pockets.
The christmas coasters had been embroidered and some of them had been hand embroidered with border. Now finished all coasters and they are the 1st item on my list to be completed.
The cot quilt is being made from old winnie the pooh curtains with embroidered squares. I had already cut out the curtains into the required squares. This weekend I have started on the embroidered squares and have so far done 8 to use.

Here are a couple of pictures:
Kindle cover quilted

Close up of picture quilting

embroidered panels for cot quilt

Close up of a couple of embroidered squares

Coasters for xmas - embroidered

Close up of embroidery on coasters
I also made a cushion cover using an idea I had seen. However I used fabric that I inherited that had already been cut and so it didn't sew as I would have liked. I have finished the front and the back should be completed tomorrow.
Front panel of cushion cover

Another view.

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