Saturday, 16 June 2012

Making something for myself.

I have finally caught up with all my waiting family alterations - thanks to the extended bank holiday.
I did also spend one of the days baking cakes and Viennese fingers which went down well with the family.

Once I had finished all the alterations I cut out the muslin to make a mock up of the dress I am making for myself.
I didn't actually get chance to sew it together until yesterday due to the extended bank holiday meaning we were extra busy at my day job as we were closed 2 extra days.

The dress I am making is this simplicity pattern and I plan to make it in this fabric.

Sewing the muslin together was quick and easy - except when I had the pieces wrong sides together so had to unpick and re-sew. After that everything went together really quickly.
I was pleasantly surprised when I put the dress on to find that the fit was nearly perfect. I say nearly as I have such a small waist measurement compared to hips that everything needs some type of alteration. (my waist measures 32inches, my hips 45inches)

I have got to take each side seam in by about 2 inches from just under the waist to the underarm.

I will add pictures of the mock up when I have them on the PC  and also post updates as the dress progresses.

I have also finished my 1st ever quilt so will be adding a new post about that in the next week.              

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