Sunday, 20 January 2013

Long time no post

Belated Happy New Year to you all.
OK I know that I have said this before but I am a really bad blogger. It is something which just seems to get swept to one side with everything else that I do with regards Sirinadesigns business.
I am hoping that this year I will be better at it. I have a really good feeling that 2013 is going to be good for me both in business and my personal life.
I have already started the year in a more positive frame of mind and I think this is helping. I have made what I think are good changes to my website
I have had a few ideas for a while but have been stuck on the mock up stage for a while and have now pushed myself to finish the mock ups. The next stage is to find some fabric that I feel is right for the designs.
I have also finished the dress for myself that I spoke about in my last post plus some items for the website.
I have started the personal year aiming to lose the weight I have been trying to lose for the last 2 years, I am doing zumba at home and so far this year have already lost 3lbs. Only another 2 stone to go.
I am going to sound like a stuck record but I am going to try to post more often.

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