Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Repair not replace

I am really bad at buying new clothes for myself, I prefer to either make new items or if I already own something then to repair or refashion it.
I have this cardigan that I managed to somehow rip a right-angle shape into.

Right angle rip in back

I was trying to work out what to do as I knew just sewing the rip up would be ugly, then I found some nice wide satin ribbon and thought I would give it a try to cover the hole.
I first stitched the hole up, then attached the ribbon around the waist covering where I had stitched.
I used straight stitch around the top and bottom of the ribbon. I then decided it looked a bit plain so added some decorative stitching to the centre of the ribbon, this also helped to anchor the ribbon to the cardigan. 

View of the decorative stitching
I used a walking foot when attaching the ribbon to the cardigan due to the nature of 2 different types of fabric working against each other. With the walking foot attached the ribbon went on smoothly.
Using a walking foot to attach the ribbon.

Once the ribbon was attached the rip is hardly visible from the outside of the cardigan.
Repaired cardigan 


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