Monday, 1 June 2015

New iron for the sewing room

Hi everyone

I have never done a review on my blog before but when I purchased my new iron and put a photo on instagram someone asked me to do a review so here it is.

This is only a brief review on what I think of my new iron as I have only had it for about a month and it doesn't get used everyday so I do not feel I can do a thorough review until I have used it a bit more. This iron is for my sewing room only.
When my last iron broke ( or more to the point my mum overfilled it when I lent it to her) I was unsure on what type to get. I would love to own a gravity feed iron system but don't have the room of the money.
I made a list of all the things I require from my iron, steam, dry iron, variable temperatures, water spray, the weight of the iron, auto shut off and a solid base for standing.
I then spent some time researching irons online, both through blogs and shopping sites. I looked at my list and the reviews of various makes.
I felt I needed to test feel the irons for the weight so went to my local supermarket electrical department and spent some time just lifting and holding the irons (I did get some funny looks from other shoppers but hey I needed to hold them all)
I eventually went for the Tefal 4488. It is an ultraglide steam iron. 

It has a variable steam slide control on the top of the handle. A simple turn button to adjust for the type of fabric you are ironing. There are 2 buttons on the top, one for steam and one for water spray.

The pros for this iron are:
anti drip,
auto shut off,
vertical steam,
large easy to fill water tank,
solid base for standing (that you can fill straight from the tap)
Plus it was a reasonable price - I got it on sale for £25.
So far I have used it to iron some linen and some calico and it seems to have handled both easily and with no fuss. It cuts off after about 10 mins of no use which is fine for me.
I haven't had the iron long enough yet to test all its features or to list any pro's and con's apart from my thoughts above. In a few months once I have tested it a bit further I will do an updated review.

Below are some photos of fabric before and after using this iron on it just to show how well it irons
Crease down centre of fabric

centre of fabric after ironing

after ironing


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