Sunday, 6 March 2011

From tight to perfect

A customer emailed 2 weeks ago asking if I could add a zip to a top she had purchased in the sales.
When she tried it on it was slightly too tight around under her arms - it was too tight by mere millimetres. It wasn't tight and pulling but it had elastic around the top and that was digging into her.
I told her that I would need to see the top first so she came for a consultation. The top was made from stretch fabric as the under layer with a chiffon overlay. I told her that it would be fine to do then I started to unpick the seam to insert the zip. The chiffon just started to fray as soon as I released the stitching (which was done using a commercial overlocker) so I had to overlock the edges as soon as I could. There was also not a lot of seam allowance so when I inserted the zip I had to make sure that I lined it up as close to the edge as possible. I used a concealed zip so it was important that I kept the seam allowance at the same place all along the zip so that it would look right and none of the zip was visible.
Once I had inserted the zip I was surprised at how well it blended in with the top. I was also pleased with how well I had completed the job and the top fit the lady in question so it was a good outcome all round plus a bit more experience for me for future jobs.

I have included a couple of after pics of the top, (unfortunately I forgot to take any pics before hand)


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