Wednesday, 23 March 2011

weight gain = new clothes

I thought I would follow up on a comment I made in my last blog about my weight gain.
In dec 2009 I had really bad stomach cramps - they were so bad I ended up in hospital on gas and air (I love that stuff LOL)
The doctor could find nothing wrong and sent me home. This happened again in early Jan 2010 and again the doctors could find nothing wrong. They thought at first that it was a really bad water infection gave me antibiotics, when this didn't work they thought it could be endometriosis. The doctor sent me for a scan but this came back as being clear. The whole time I was still suffering really bad cramps which were like the worst period pains I had ever had with the added bonus of a stitch. By Feb 2010 I was signed off work as I couldn't lift anything or even move sometimes.
I went back to the doctor countless times but they couldn't pinpoint the problem then when I was talking to someone I know they mentioned a hernia. At my next doctors appointment I asked if that could be my problem, so he had a feel around and said yes it could be. So off for more scans and more doctors appointments. Eventually at the end of Feb 2010 the doctor decided yes I did have a hernia and sent me off to a specialist. They then decided to operate on me as it could erupt and cause further problems. I had the operation in March 2010. It then took me 3 months to slowly build my strength back up to return to work.
For the 1st month and a half I couldn't do any sort of exercise due to the stitches and mesh that had been used as scaffolding (as the doctor put it). By the time I went back to work in June 2010 I had put on 3 stone in weight.
I then had to go and buy some new clothes in a larger size. I also decided to make more clothes for myself as I could find hardly anything I liked in this new size.
I have now slowly lost 1 stone of the weight - only another 2 stone to go until I'm back to my pre-op weight.
The plus side is that I have now got no pain but will always have to be careful as if I overstrain the mesh the hernia will come back.
While I was off work I done a lot of research into my own business so that also helped me.

Now onwards and upwards - my targets now are to lose more weight and to make my business sufficient enough to support me without any other job.

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  1. I am so sorry about your surgery...I had spinal surgery last year to remove a tumor from my spine and it was horrible! I'm a freelance clothing designer, and being forced to three weeks complete bed rest was torture on the creative flow. =) Hope you continue to recover!!! =)

    Kristina J.